Finding the right international travel luggage is critically important to the success of your international trip. Whether you choose upscale leather travel bags, or basic luggage that's functional and practical, the right travel bag will impact the quality of your international travel, making it either a seamless journey, or a hurdle that’ll deter your trip. The size and type of your travel bag does make a big difference.

VIP MAZDA PP 4 WHEELED STROLLYThe international travel luggage you choose to travel with will quickly become your friend or your foe. It all depends on the amount of research, thought and consideration you put into choosing the travel bag that will become your international travel companion.

There are various decisions you have to make, when choosing the type of international travel luggage to use for your trip. Will you check your bags on your overseas flight? Or opt for carry on travel luggage to take in the cabin with you? Can you travel light even on a long trip? Or will the amount of gear you take be subject to excess luggage restrictions set by the international air carrier you fly?

The key to travel bliss is to travel as lightly as you possibly can. Frequent travellers will attest to this -- they pack less and travel light.

What should you consider?

Travel bags come in a multitude of styles, colors, and sizes. While the default color is often black, it’s easy to find everything from bright prints and colors, to higher quality leather travel bags. You can buy travel bags online for any type you choose.

The focus of your decision on which travel bag to purchase should be based on the highest quality travel luggage you can afford, that fits your size specifications for the items you’ll be packing. Your top priority for choosing any international travel bag is its weight when it's not packed and the quality of it's construction.

Compare a number of suitcase styles and shapes, considering only those that are durable and lightweight for possible purchase. Neither the look of your luggage nor the color is as important as how it will handle on flights, airport conveyor belts, car trunks, buses, trains, and ships, or by baggage handlers who neither know or care how expensive your luggage is.

There's a correct piece of luggage for every type of trip. Whether you're shopping for one piece or an entire collection, you can make your travel so much easier when you are well-equipped. If you know your travel needs, you're ready to choose the perfect travel bag. They could be as follows:

You can maximize your carry-on packing through lightweight carry ons, by fitting everything you can into the dimensions allowed by the flight. This is the recommended way to go when traveling because it's so nice to know your bag will be arriving at your destination with you. VIP Bags’ lightweight carry-ons offer all the features you love – retractable handles, durable wheels, multiple compartments for organization and more – but in compact sizes that are light, super easy to carry, and designed specifically to make the journey as seamless as possible

You should consider rolling travel bags as well. Decided whether you want your rolling luggage to have the traditional two wheels or four. Having 4-wheeled luggage allows the bag to glide almost effortlessly by your side, easily rolling down wherever you travel. Four wheels also makes travel less strenuous because you're not putting a ton of weight on your wrist. Plus a 4-wheeled bag gives you a little more versatility However, one thing to note about 4-wheeled luggage is if you are doing lots of travel by bus, and will need to store your bag in the upright position, you may want to opt for a 2 wheeler, because 4 wheeled bags can move around easily in buses that are moving.

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Picking the right travel bag is an important part of any international trip. Too big, and you’ll have too much extra weight. Too small, and you’ll never fit anything in. Pick the wrong material, and your stuff will be soaked in the rain. Keep in mind the points that were covered above and choose the right travel bag for your needs. Explore VIP Bag’s range of feature packed premium travels bags online here