1.      Plan before you pack

There’s always excitement before you travel, it’s important not to get carried away with it. Start with a list of all the things you need to pack in your travel bag, so that you don’t miss anything important. Stick to this list of essentials even if you are tempted to pack your favourite things, remember that shorter the list the lighter weight you carry.

2.      Its all about packing right

The best way to save space is to keep your clothes rolled up in the base of the suitcase. Not all clothes can be rolled up though; stiffer fabrics like starched cotton shirts, blazers, pants, skirts and denims should be carefully folded. The folded layers of clothes will become the second layer in the suitcase, just above the base. Keep the clothes that you are more likely to wear often on the top.

3.      Carry travel packs of your cosmetics and toiletries

Instead of carrying big bottles of your shampoos/oils/creams/moisturizers etc., transfer them into smaller bottles or lens case so that you can save space in your suitcase. Carry travel sized packs of your essentials to save space and to prevent spillage.

4.      All you need is 2 pairs

You don’t need to carry your entire footwear collection while you travel. Stay updated on the weather of destination and carry just 2 pairs that suit your destination’s weather. A flip-flop is the best bet for rainy or sunny weather, a pair of gumboots can be carried to rainy or snowy weather. To save space in your suitcase, carry your shoes in a shower cap.

5.      Leave space for travel souvenirs

Wherever you go, you will bring back a souvenir so that you can cherish the memories and the times you’ve spent there. The souvenirs are a symbol of the traveller’s memories and experience. If you pack just right, you’ll have enough space for your souvenirs; also you can keep an extra travel pouch to carry delicate or fragile souvenirs.

When you’re ready for your next trip, keep these tips in mind before you start packing. By packing right you can have a memorable and stress-free travel. Explore our range of suitcases to find the best and perfect one for the traveller in you, visit shop.vipbags.com.